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Create your own Tour

Create a stage race for you, your buddies and maybe even some new faces. Compete against each other even if you can't get together at the same time. Ride hard, but stay safe!

Just put together your Strava segments as stages, choose when each stage starts and ends and go ride! We will keep track of who did what when, and hand out the leader jerseys at the end of the race.

Contact Me

If you have ideas or time to
contribute, please get in touch.
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Go Ride, Go Compete

Don't just compete on Strava single segment leaderboards, see how you compare in the hills as opposed to on the long flats. Work to your strength, and build on your weaknesses. But most of all get outside, push yourself and have fun.

Powered by Strava

All the data is provided by Strava. Segments define the stages (you can create your own if you need to). Just go and complete the stage during the time its open, log your effort on Strava like you usually do, then Strava and our servers will do the rest.

Explore and Share

Join up for public races, meet new people, ride new places. Get out and explore the roads and trails you never knew existed or haven't got around to trying. Share your favourite hills, bends and challenges with your friends or with the world.